Participatory Learning Experiences

At Ecocentric EDU I facilitate different types of courses centered around ecology, regeneration, and entrepreneurship. In these times people from all walks of life and involved in all types of work benefit from whole systems thinking and ecological literacy. Some courses such as the Permaculture Design Course also feature hands-on work experiences, gaining skills in bio-intensive small scale gardening, implementing forest garden designs, and working to create healthy soils.

All EDU experiences are guided by a participatory learning process, which is founded upon Action Learning. The underlying philosophy is that learning is as much a body process as it is a mind process, and that learning is inherently anchored in inter-action and participation. Emphasis lies on doing, individual and group work, and experiencing place as a context for learning.



For 2019/2020 the following three courses are planned and will run both on-site as well as possibilities to participate through online learning. If you are interested to know more sign up here.

Ecology for Entrepreneurs (Fall and Winter 2019)

Permaculture Design (Spring and Summer 2020)

Ecological Literacy for Companies (On-Going 2019/2020)