Regenerative Purpose

An undertaking of any sort starts with a purpose. Finding your Why  within the context of regenerative practices is a process that emerges from engaging the needs of people and the environment with the capacities of a company. With a clear purpose an enterprise creates traction for its employees as was as attractiveness to potential customers.

Regenerative Partnerships

To succeed no one can act alone, and no one company can hope to easily achieve regenerative aims without working together in an ecology of regenerative enterprises. In some cases this means partnering up with regenerative resource providers, in other cases it means the ability to meet the needs of possible enterprise partners. Through cooperation emergent properties of working together can emerge that create mutually beneficial connections between enterprise partners.

Regenerative Sourcing

A large part of a company’s impact comes from how raw materials are sourced and how the life-cycle of a product is designed with the eventual disposal of the product in mind when it is being made. Nowadays, almost all toxic materials can be replaced with environmentally friendly compostable alternatives. Furthermore there are interesting business opportunities to internally develop the sourcing of regenerative raw materials.

Telling the Story

The process of regenerative development in companies is being pulled by the state of our natural environment, and pushed by evolving consumer consciousness and the customer need for ethical production and consumption. The bridge between customer and company is bridged by telling the story of regeneration as it exists for each enterprise individually, and is an essential part of getting customer’s approval and backing for a product or service.