I envision a world in which we humans have found our place in service of this beautiful planet; living with rather than against nature. In our ever changing and complex world, we have instead strayed far from our connection with our environment and the natural world. Now more than ever we need to find our way back in order to move forward. For that we need to change our attitudes first, and relearn the insights that nature gives us into life and how to thrive.

Through my work in regenerative agriculture and regenerative enterprises  I seek to bring people and businesses in touch with nature and their natural context. In order to rebuild and rewire the connections that will allow for regenerative and sustainable forms of flow, growth, sourcing, and overall ecological as well as economic health.

I teach regenerative and ecological design courses, especially to those with backgrounds in social and business contexts. I also consult businesses and organizations on how they can transition to regenerative practices. Furthermore I coordinate a regenerative agroforestry project that operates in the Mediterranean Basin. Check out the website to learn more about the regenerative movement and my work, and if you are interested to work with me please contact me at my email address: hi@dennis.pt

There is a ‘great work’ to do, and we need to do it together!

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