I envision a healthy world teeming with the natural diversity of life. A place where humans lead fulfilling and rich lives and experience a deep connection with the soil under their feet. I envision a just world, where people know again how to work with nature rather than against nature.

In our fast and complex world the connection with our environment and the natural world has mostly been lost. We experience the detriment of the extraction and consumption economy and very few of us know how to break out of this destructive pattern.

Through my work in regenerative developmentĀ  I bring people and businesses in touch with their natural context. In order to rebuild and rewire the connections that will allow for regenerative and sustainable forms of growth, sourcing, energy flows, and overall ecological as well as economic health.


I teach regenerative and ecological design courses, especially to those with backgrounds in social and business contexts.

I consult businesses and organizations on how they can transition to regenerative practices, without compromising their financial bottom line. By re-evaluating supply chains, building regenerative partnerships, and investing into social, cultural, and living capital.

I also dedicate my time to a regenerative agroforestry initiative in Portugal, whose aim it is to combat desertification and create livelihoods through ecological entrepreneurship.

If you are interested to work with me please contact me at: hi@dennis.pt

There is a ‘great work’ to do, and we need to do it together!